Toikako – a partner for food industry

Toikako Kaubandus OÜ was founded in 1992 and the company is currently one of the leading Estonian companies supplying the food industry with raw material. Over the years, we have developed good co-operation with many Estonian meat, fish, bakery, confectionary, beverage and dairy industry companies.

The company’s product range includes over 2,000 different products, like additives, readymade mixtures for bread / white bread, whipping creams and cooking creams, various chocolates and cocoa products, sugar-based decorations, seasonings and seasoning mixes, etc. We offer everything food industry and commercial kitchens need. In addition to raw material, we provide our clients with professional consultations and various product-related training courses; we also organise seminaries. Our products are competitive by both price and quality and originate from well-known raw material producers from all over the world.
The company’s office, warehouse, cold storage and production premises are located in Tallinn. All products are stored in compliance with European Union standards and our company’s objective is to provide products with a good price to quality ratio and stable deliveries.
We are constantly co-operating with partners for new products and technologies and we also encourage our clients to innovate and be creative. By using our long-term experience and working with specialists, we contribute to our clients’ satisfaction.


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